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It’s not a donut

Chef Stefania Panza Scotto, formerly of Soffritto Italian Grill, introduces her new restaurant: It’s not a Donut, located in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Our graffe (Italian Donuts) are a sin of gluttony that we may indulge in without feeling bad. They are soft, fragrant, and melt in the mouth. They are said to have been influenced by famed Austrian krapfen (Austrian Jam Filled Donuts).

Graffe are classic Neapolitan donuts that are consumed throughout Italy during Carnival, along with other fried sweets such as frittelle, chiacchiere, and castagnole. Graffe, also called graffette or ciambelle based on the region of Italy where they are found, are so good that you can find them not just this season, but all year around in most coffee shops everywhere in Italy. Graffe are lighter and airier when there are no potatoes in the dough. And equally delectable! 

Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in my opinion, in terms of culture, entertainment, history, and, of course, food. Summer nights in Naples, strolling through the streets, strolling along the Mergellina beachfront, and indulging in the obligatory GRAFFA Napolitano ZEPPOLA FRITTA.


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“In all my life I have never tried a Graffe, but just by looking at it on the website & social media, I’m definitely going to try it soon!”
– Gabriella Pinder

We make food
from the heart

Prepared by our award winning chef & baker, Stefania Panza.

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Award winning chef, Stefania Panza Scotto, opens up new restaurant

Award winning chef, Stefania Panza Scotto, opens up new restaurant

its not a donut

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Mon-Thu: 8AM to 10Pm
Fri-Sat: 8AM to 11PM
Sun: 8AM to 9PM

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